Sujep wachstum Enterprises
black pepper spices

Sujep wachstum Enterprises is a leading company focusing on Spices , Banking and Finance and Tourism , There are three directors who are concentrating in different module to the growth of the company. They are Mr.P.Adline jerry paul .M.E, M.B.A ,Mr. P.Anish Jerold paul ,B.C.A, and Mrs. K.Priya Msc (IT & Mgnt)

Mr.P.Adline jerry paul is having very qualified experience in climate technology . Agricultural and spices industries , He Knows how to preserve all type of Agricultural and Spices product . Has over 10 years experience in supply chain management and spices industries, 8 years had been in a multi-national company,He has received many awards for his dedication and creativity in the research of Spices industires,He is a specialist in the technology of processing of all spices products

Mr.P.Anish Jerold paul is highly knowledge in all types of Tours and travel in south india,He is having 8 years experience in management of tourism in india, His high communication talent help our company to look forward in tourism with multinational companies. He is having a practice of collecting online leads

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